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Lady Gaga Falls Off Stage in Fan’s Arms at Las Vegas Enigma Show

Lady Gaga Falls Off Stage in Fan's Arms at Las Vegas Enigma Show

Lady Gaga might want to “Just Dance” alone from now on.

During her latest Enigma Las Vegas residency show at MGM’s Park Theater Thursday, a fan who she had invited on stage tumbled while holding her and the two fell right into the shocked audience below.

The fan had hugged Lady Gaga before picking her up, which she embraced by wrapping her legs around him. He then started bouncing with her in his arms before his knees appears to buckle and he fell off the edge of the stage with the pop star in his arms.

Videos posted to Twitter show the fan fell right on top of Lady Gaga as shocked concertgoers screamed in distress.

Gaga suffers from fibromyalgia, a common musculoskeletal disorder, but she got right back on the stage with the help of a security detail and a small ladder.

“Everything’s OK. The only thing that’s not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage to get back up,” she said.

She immediately invited the visibly upset fan back up on the stage with her.


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David Harbour Shows Off His Massive Arms on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Fans Can’t Keep it Together

David Harbour Shows Off His Massive Arms on 'Saturday Night Live' and Fans Can't Keep it Together

David Harbour Shows Off His Massive Arms on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Fans Can’t Keep it Together | Entertainment Tonight


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Kenley Jansen Has Struggled This Season and Dodgers Fans Are Worried

Kenley Jansen Has Struggled This Season and Dodgers Fans Are Worried

How do you solve a problem like Kenley? 

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been burdened by bullpen woes all season. Early in the year, it seemed the only relief pitcher the Boys in Blue could rely on was closer Kenley Jansen. Boy, what a difference a few months make.

Flash forward to today, and their greatest strength has arguably become one of their glaring weaknesses.

At 31-years-old, Jansen is starting to decline. His signature pitch—the cutter—doesn’t cut like it used to. At least not consistently. His fastball velocity has been steadily declining over the last five years, and he’s on pace for career lows in 2019.

The latest thrill ride that has been Jansen’s rollercoaster season came on Saturday afternoon against the New York Yankees. Mostly due to some soft contact and fielding mistakes, Jansen loaded the bases with one out and a one-run lead in the ninth before striking out Mike Tauchman and Gary Sanchez to escape with the save. 

The outing before that, Jansen allowed a game-tying home run on to Blue Jays slugger Rowdy Tellez, recording his sixth blown save of the season. It was the second time in his last five appearances he had allowed a game-tying homer.

On the season, Jansen has blown six saves in 33 appearances, tied for third most in the National League. However, he has the most blown saves out of any designated closer in all of MLB.

After the homer to Tellez, Jansen’s ERA ballooned to a career-low 3.62. It was the eighth homer he allowed this year, second most in a season, and just five behind his career-worst 13 in 2018.

Last year, Jansen had a career-low FIP of 4.03 and a career-worst strikeout per nine innings ratio of 10.3. Jansen’s current WHIP of 1.048 is the second highest of his career, and worst since 2014.

All of this mounting evidence speaks to Jansen’s inevitable decline, and begs the question:

Should Jansen remain as the Dodgers closer moving forward?

On its face, the question sounds preposterous. Jansen is without a doubt the best closer in Dodgers franchise history. That includes Brooklyn and Los Angeles. He’s the all-time franchise leader in saves (294) and ERA at 2.32.

He will likely enter the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown wearing Dodger blue, but that doesn’t mean fans have forgotten his inability to close out four separate games over the last two World Series combined.

With the current rendition of the Dodgers on pace to be better than both of the last two NL Pennant winning teams, Dodger fans across the globe understandably have concerns about Jansen come October.

Many of those fans that booed Joe Kelly and Pedro Baez in May, booed Jansen off the field on Wednesday, and are now calling for Kelly or Baez to take over the closer role. The irony in all of that is outright comical.

“I get it,” said Jansen when asked if he heard the boos and how he felt about them. “Boo me. I’d boo myself. I didn’t want the results. I was hurting myself out there.” 

Irony aside, there’s a point to their argument. Kelly has been lights out over the last three months. Since June 1, he’s 4-1 with a 1.33 ERA with 39 strikeouts. Over that same span, Jansen has an ERA of 4.13 with 30 strikeouts and six walks. The most glaring statistic however is Jansen’s four home runs allowed compared to Kelly’s one.

“At this point in time, I’m not tempted,” said Roberts about removing Jansen from the closer role. “I do think that this is a performance based business. I expect him to work through things. But there’s no guarantee for anyone—nor should there be—if performance doesn’t warrant it. That’s something that from Day One I’ve said that my job is to do what’s best for the Dodgers, not for an individual player.”

Jansen and Kelly could swap roles, but there’s not much difference in allowing the tying home run in the eighth inning compared to the ninth inning. When asked about perhaps surrendering his stranglehold on the closer’s role, Jansen was defiant in his response.

“Why would I worry about not being the closer? asked Jansen flippantly. “I’m going to be there…’Oh let me worry about not being the closer…’ Why? I’m putting a drama that is not there.”

The Dodgers have 22 blown saves this season. That ranks in the bottom five in the league, and their 59 percent save percentage is among the lower half of all teams in MLB.

Jansen is a big part of those numbers. His individual save percentage stands at 81 percent, good for the 33rd best in baseball, not numbers you want to see from an All-Star closer.

The Dodgers failed to acquire another closer or dominant backend reliever at the trade deadline and it could cost Los Angeles come October. On one hand, having another reliable arm like Felipe Vazquez, Shane Greene, or Ken Giles could have fortified the pen even further, but the front office made it known that Jansen would remain the closer no matter who the team acquired at the deadline.

If the price of any of those pitchers is a bounty of prospects that could turn into future All-Stars, the Dodgers were right in standing pat. Sure a combination of Kelly and Vazquez could have bridged the gap to Kenley, but what’s the point if Jansen still surrenders the game-tying or go-ahead homer in the ninth?

It’s too late for Los Angeles to add another elite reliever now. Their only option is to get Jansen back to form as quickly as possible. He may not as dominant as he was in 2016 or 17, but with a few adjustments, he can still be effective.

The changes Jansen needs to make begin and end with his cutter. His trademark pitch doesn’t have the same movement or velocity as it once did and Dodgers’ pitching coach Rick Honeycutt has noticed. 

Between 2011 and 2017, opponents had a slugging percentage of just .315 off Jansen. In 2018 it rose to .403, and this season it’s over .465. Over the last nine seasons, Jansen has thrown his cutter 90 percent of the time, this year, he’s thrown it just 76 percent of the time. That’s because Honeycutt and the front office are encouraging Jansen to incorporate a mixture of pitches, including his slider, in order to keep hitters off balance. 

“Guys know it’s coming,” said Dodgers’ catcher Will Smith about Jansen’s cutter. “When he misses, usually the cutter doesn’t stay up, but it still has depth to it. It’s kind of a work in progress.”

Despite the insistence that he changes his style like many pitchers before him have when entering the back half of their career, Jansen has been reluctant to change. Sticking with “old reliable,” whenever he gets into a jam. A fact that was evident by what happened against the Blue Jays on Wednesday.

Jansen began the ninth inning with three consecutive cutters to Randal Grichuk. He overmatched the veteran hitter as Grichuk didn’t come close to making contact on all three.

“Sometimes I get myself in trouble, because when I blow hitters out like that with a few pitches, it’s like, ‘Aw s—, I got it today,” said Jansen. “And it’s like, ‘Hey use your mind.’ It gave me all the signs to change [on Wednesday], and I didn’t do it. You know what? It’s okay. It’s a mistake, you learn from it. No excuses, man.”

Jansen proved he could change on Saturday. After six straight cutters to start the ninth, Jansen began incorporating his slider and two-seamer. Players made soft contact on the slider, but he didn’t surrender any back-breaking home runs like he has previously.

“I have one goal and that is to just have fun and enjoy the moment,” said Jansen after the save. “I need to stop worrying about the results. We’re having an unbelievable season this year and I need to enjoy watching all my teammates doing really well and let that motivate me. That’s what I did today.” 

Jansen’s change in attitude came after a long meeting with Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts and President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman after the game on Wednesday. Both people gave the closer a vote of confidence and told him to go back to having fun and enjoying himself, and not allow his anger to consume him. 

“The biggest step for me is to be happy and stop being angry and worrying about the results,” said Jansen. “People need to understand with Doc and the front office and all that, we’re in this together. We want to win a championship. When we have a meeting, today with Andrew, people are pulling for you, they believe in you. Andrew believes in me. Doc believes in me. My teammates believe in me. Why should I worry about what people think or fans or media?” 

For now, Jansen is determined to ignore the outside noise and focus solely on what he can control: changing his pitch sequence, and living in the moment. When he does that, and the adrenaline is flowing like it was on the mound against the Yankees, good things can happen.


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Fans Descend on Gaslamp Quarter for Day 1 of San Diego Comic-Con

Fans Descend on Gaslamp Quarter for Day 1 of San Diego Comic-Con

Enthusiastic fans lined up outside the San Diego Convention Center overnight to be the first to step into San Diego Comic-Con 2019 for the first full day of panels, signings and exhibits. 

Thursday officially kicks off the 50th anniversary of one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world and tens of thousands of comic, movie and television enthusiasts were ready to descend on the halls.

On Preview Night Wednesday, open to only a select few, workers were putting the final touches on the all the branded exhibitions, like the Walking Dead-themed AMC “Deadquarters” installation, while enthusiastic fans lined up outside of the convention center to be some of the first inside the next day.

A few were already in full costume, including a man in a “Stranger Things” Hawkins Police uniform and an Australian couple dressed as Marty McFly and Doc Brown, although most opted for the nerd-approved t-shirt (there were more than a few AT-AT, Jurassic Park and Laura Palmer shirts) for badge pickup.

Those in full cosplay were grateful for the cooler-than-usual temperatures.

“I would be melting,” said Ana Nibbla of San Diego, who was dressed as a female Pennywise, or “Princess Pennywise” as she likes to call it.

She likes to hit the convention floor early to check out exclusives from artists who don’t go to conventions often. “This is the one time a year I get to see them in person,” she said.

Later, Warner Bros. hosted a ScareDiego event promising some hair-raising new footage from “It: Chapter Two.”

“This is my favorite, I’m a huge Stephen King fan,” said Cheryl Dolbel from Jersey in the Channel Islands, who was wearing a t-shirt with artist drawings of both Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise. “We tried to go for the taping, but we couldn’t get in. We’ve been waiting a few hours.”

She’s hoping to see Skarsgård and James McAvoy and later in the week is going to visit the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” installation.

As the week goes on, movie fans will also get a look at Paramount’s “Terminator: Dark Fate” at a Hall H presentation Thursday, and on Saturday be treated to a Marvel Studios presentation with its president, Kevin Feige. Details for the Marvel show are being kept under wraps, but many expect Feige and his “special guests” will outline the plans for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which could include announcements about “Black Widow,” ”Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” ”Shang-Chi” and “The Eternals.”

The movie fare is lighter than usual, however. A few of the studios have chosen to sit this year out, like Sony, which is already cleaning up at the box office with “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” and Universal Pictures, which doesn’t have any superheroes on its slate at all. Although Warner Bros. is coming with “It: Chapter Two,” it does not have a big Hall H presentation planned for any of its DC properties like “Joker” and the Harley Quinn spinoff “Birds of Prey.” And there will be no “Star Wars” news either.

“If anything, the exiting of some movie studios has made more room for TV and TV is just the best of the best right now,” said Perri Nemiroff, a senior producer for Collider.com and host of the YouTube series Movie Talk.

Television enthusiasts will have their pick, whether they want one last go-around the cast of a show that’s ended (like “Game of Thrones” and “Supernatural”), to check in with some old favorites (“The Walking Dead,” ”The Good Place,” ”Westworld,” ”Arrow,” ”Rick and Morty” and “Riverdale”), or get first look at a new property (such as “Snowpiercer,” ”Star Trek: Picard” and “The Witcher”).

Occasionally this means throwing a Comic-Con newbie into the mix. HBO is bringing Lin-Manuel Miranda out for his first ever convention to promote the new show “His Dark Materials.”

Last month Miranda tweeted a modest request for fans: “Be gentle, it’s my first Comic-Con.” 


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Jill Duggar Says She Wasn’t ‘Recommending’ the Kama Sutra After Fans Criticize Her for Posting About the Book

Jill Duggar Says She Wasn't 'Recommending' the Kama Sutra After Fans Criticize Her for Posting About the Book

Jill Duggar Says She Wasn’t ‘Recommending’ the Kama Sutra After Fans Criticize Her for Posting About the Book | Entertainment Tonight


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Photos: How Baseball and Its Fans Are Remembering Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs

Photos: How Baseball and Its Fans Are Remembering Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs

Major League Baseball and its fans remembered 27-year-old Angels pitcher will solemn pre-game ceremonies and a memorial outside the stadium where he played in Anaheim.

Skaggs was found dead Monday in a hotel room in Texas, where the Angels were scheduled to play the Rangers. After learning of his death, fans left caps, flowers, cards and other items outside Angel Stadium of Anaheim in memory of the Southern California native.


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That Was Fast! Lakers Fans Paint Massive Mural for Anthony Davis

That Was Fast! Lakers Fans Paint Massive Mural for Anthony Davis

That was fast.

It’s been a little over 24 hours since the basketball world was stunned by the news that the New Orleans Pelicans had traded six-time All-Star Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers.


Despite the news of the trade still raw, and technically not official until at least July 6, that didn’t stop a handful of excited Lakers fans from staying up all night to paint a massive mural of Davis on Melrose Ave.


Local artist, Gustavo Zermeno Jr., and a handful of his friends pulled an all-nighter in order to paint the mural of Davis and his signature unibrow.

As you can see from Zermeno’s post on Instagram, the mural depicts Davis in a purple Lakers jersey with gold lettering. In the background, over his right shoulder is 12 of the Lakers retired jerseys. Over his left shoulder is just a few of the championship banners that hang in the rafters at Staples Center.

Zermeno and his friends painted the mural after Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN broke the news on Saturday afternoon that the Lakers and Pelicans had agreed on the framework of a trade that would send Davis to Hollywood in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the No. 4 overall pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft, and two future first round draft picks.


Ironically, just over a year ago, Zermeno stayed up all night again to paint a mural of LeBron James looking up at past Lakers’ stars in front of Staples Center, after the three-time NBA Champion announced he was signing with the Lakers.

Lebron James Has New Mural in Los AngelesLebron James Has New Mural in Los Angeles


Unfortunately, that mural was vandalized two weeks later because of angry Kobe Bryant fans who were insulted at the insinuation that James was the new “King of LA,” before even taking the court in a Lakers’ jersey.

Of course, those fans ultimately proved to be correct in their sentiments, as LeBron and the Lakers struggled in his first season in Los Angeles. James missed 17 consecutive games with a groin injury, and the Lakers missed the playoffs for the sixth straight season.

This time though, we think Zermeno’s mural of Davis will last a little longer.


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Ansel Elgort Posts 17 Shirtless Selfies in a Matter of Minutes and Fans Don’t Know How to React

Ansel Elgort Posts 17 Shirtless Selfies in a Matter of Minutes and Fans Don't Know How to React

Ansel Elgort Posts 17 Shirtless Selfies in a Matter of Minutes and Fans Don’t Know How to React | Entertainment Tonight


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Silky Nutmeg Ganache Addresses Online Haters and ‘Being Truly Loved’ By Fans (Exclusive)

Silky Nutmeg Ganache Addresses Online Haters and 'Being Truly Loved' By Fans (Exclusive)

Silky Nutmeg Ganache Addresses Online Haters and ‘Being Truly Loved’ By Fans (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight


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