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‘Are You Going to Eat That?’ Road Kill Now Legal to Eat in California

'Are You Going to Eat That?' Road Kill Now Legal to Eat in California

Hungry? Road kill maybe for dinner.

In a flurry of bill signings last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 395 into law, making it legal to salvage and eat animals accidentally hit by drivers. 

The bill’s stated intent was to “make available to Californians tens of thousands of pounds of a healthy, wild, big game food source that currently is wasted each year following wildlife-vehicle collisions.” 

The so-called “Roadkill Bill” authorizes the creation of a program that designates three regions that have “high wildlife vehicle collisions” as locations where drivers can salvage specific types of roadkill. 

Some of the eligible roadkill include deer and wild pig. 

Drivers would need a permit to salvage the roadkill, and the program won’t go into effect until 2022. The state hopes to collect data on where the roadkill accidents often occur in order to add additional roadway defense and wildlife highway over-crossings. 

Sen. Bob Archuleta, D-Pico Rivera, sponsored the bill.

California would be at least the 28th state to pass legislation allowing dirvers to harvest roadkill, according to NBC News.


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Wildfire Threat Diminishes After Days of Flames and Smoke in Southern California

Wildfire Threat Diminishes After Days of Flames and Smoke in Southern California

What to Know

  • Three people have died in the October wildfires, sparked at one of the most dangerous times of the year

  • Two people were killed in a mobile home park fire in northern Riverside County

  • All evacuation order are lifted in the Saddleridge Fire in the northern San Fernando Valley

Firefighters in Los Angeles and Riverside counties increased containment lines around wildfires that broke out during volatile windy and dry conditions in Southern California.

Three people have died in the wildfires, sparked at one of the most dangerous times of the year for fires in California. Some evacuated residents, many who spent anxious hours in shelters, were allowed to return home as authorities deemed neighborhoods safe.

Below, updates on three fires burning in Southern California.

Note: All figures current as of Sunday morning.

Video: Flames Cause Firefighters to RetreatVideo: Flames Cause Firefighters to Retreat

The Saddleridge Fire

  • Location: Northern San Fernando Valley
  • Size: 8,000 Acres
  • Containment: 41 percent
  • Evacuations: All evacuation orders were lifted Saturday evening.
  • Fatalities: 1
  • Injuries: 2
  • Structures Burned: 31 structures damaged or destroyed

The Saddleridge fire began near the 210 Freeway Thursday night in the Sylmar area and was fanned by strong winds into the Granada Hills and Porter Ranch areas. One resident died, suffering a heart attack as the fire burned in his neighborhood north of Los Angeles.

Santa Ana winds that whipped flames earlier have died down, allowing firefighters to gain ground. Calm conditions are in Sunday’s forecast, but the LAFD said shifting winds could create challenges as firefighters try to hold containment lines.

At one point, about 100,000 and 20,000 homes were affected by evacuation orders. All evacuations were lifted Saturday evening.

Air quality is poor as smoke from the fire settles over much of greater Los Angeles.

A cause has not been determined. 

Residents Return Home After Evacuations Lifted for Saddleridge FireResidents Return Home After Evacuations Lifted for Saddleridge Fire

Sandalwood Fire

  • Location: Northern Riverside County
  • Size: 1,000 Acres
  • Containment: 77 percent
  • Evacuations: Active
  • Fatalities: 2
  • Structures Burned: 74 structures destroyed

Full containment of the Sandalwood Fire in Calimesa is in sight after improved weather conditions east of Los Angeles. The fire started Thursday after a trash truck dumped its fiery load near a mobie home park. It quickly spread to residences, leaving two people dead and destoying 74 buildings.

Evacuation orders remain inplace for the Villa Calimesa Mobile Home park, where two bodies were found in the aftermath. One of the victims has been identified as 89-year-old Lois Arvikson. Her son Don Turner had said his mother called him to say she was evacuating, but he never heard from her again. Authorities are working to identify the other victim, whose remains were found in one of the homes.

“We’re trying to determine whether there’s criminal culpability,” Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said. “We’re investigating to see if we need any type of criminal charges.”

Video Shows Moments Before Trash Truck Ignites BlazeVideo Shows Moments Before Trash Truck Ignites Blaze

Reche Fire

  • Location: Moreno Valley
  • Size: 350 acres
  • Containment: 100 percent
  • Evacuations: None
  • Fatalities: 0
  • Structures Burned: 1 structure destroyed

The non-injury Reche Fire was reported at 12:55 p.m. Thursday on Reche Canyon Road near Reche Vista Drive in the Moreno Valley area. It started with a trailer fire that jumped into surrounding vegetation, propelled by intense Santa Ana winds.

The flames Thursday pushed west into rugged terrain, leading to mandatory evacuations. Evacuation orders were lifted at 9 p.m. Thursday.

Smoke and Fire From Above: Wildfire Images From SpaceSmoke and Fire From Above: Wildfire Images From Space

Santa Ana winds, produced by surface high pressure over the Great Basin squeezing air down through canyons and passes in Southern California’s mountain ranges, are common in the fall and have a long history of fanning destructive wildfires in the region.

Fall is historically one of the most dangerous times of the year for wildfires in California. Seven of the state’s 10-most destructive wildfires occurred in October — many fueled by monster winds, including Santa Ana gusts. 


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25 Bodies Reportedly Found, 9 Missing After Horrific Boat Fire Off Southern California Coast

25 Bodies Reportedly Found, 9 Missing After Horrific Boat Fire Off Southern California Coast

What to Know

  • Authorities received a distress call from the burning boat early Monday morning

  • The boat was on fire just north of Santa Cruz Island, off the Ventura County coast

  • Santa Cruz Island is the largest in the Channel Islands chain off Southern California

Twenty-five bodies had been found and nine people were still missing, the Associated Press reported, after a Labor Day weekend dive boat trip turned tragic when the vessel caught fire early Monday morning off the Southern California coast. 

Five crew members were rescued early Monday, but 33 people are feared dead as the search for survivors continued off the coast of Santa Cruz Island, the largest in the Channel Islands chain. The US Coast Guard said the 75-foot diving boat Conception, which left from Santa Barbara Harbor for a scuba diving excursion, had 39 people on board when the fire was reported at about 3 a.m. north of Santa Cruz Island.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Mark Barney said a cause has not been determined. 

“Once we get a little futher along, the cause of the fire will be something under investigation,” he said.

Family Members Wait for Answers in Tragic Boat Fire

[LA] Family Members Wait for Answers in Tragic Boat Fire

After receiving the garbled mayday call, the agency dispatched helicopters, small boats and a patrol cutter in the area for a search-and-rescue operation about 90 miles from Los Angeles. Nearby vessel Grape Escape also assisted with the rescue.

“The entire boat was engulfed, from the bow to the stern and 30-foot flames,” Bob Hansen, who captains the Great Escape, described his first look at the fiery boat. “It was just terrible. It was just completely lit up. I mean, there wasn’t a place on the boat that wasn’t on fire.”

Hansen said he rescued five crew members, including the captain, with four of the five survivors dressed in only underwear. He proceeded to radio the Coast Guard while his wife tended to the distraught survivors. The Great Escape captain said that one of the survivors had his girlfriend below deck and said that the boat was hosting three birthday parties over the holiday weekend, including one for a 17-year-old girl who was on board with her parents.

Hansen said of the deadly boat fire, “It’s one of those things, you just can’t unsee it.”

Crews from the Coast Guard, Santa Barbara Fire Department and Ventura County Fire Department responded and were fighting the fire about 20 yards off shore in 64 feet of water. A portion of the bow was sticking out of the water.

Hansen said the Coast Guart took about an hour to arrive, coming from about 25 miles away at night and through fog.

Boat With at Least 30 Aboard Burns Off Southern California C

[LA] Boat With at Least 30 Aboard Burns Off Southern California C

Search-and-rescue teams were looking for survivors along the Santa Cruz Island shoreline, the Coast Guard said at a morning news conference. 

Some passengers were asleep below deck as the flames erupted, the Coast Guard said. The rescued crew members were on the top deck of the boat at the time of the fire, according to Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Kroll of the U.S. Coast Guard.

“The crew was already awake and on the bridge, and they jumped off,” said US Coast Guard Capt. Monica Rochester.

When asked whether the crew tried to help others, Rochester said, “I don’t have any additional information.”

Family members arrived at the Coast Guard command center Monday morning. One man said he was looking for his brother, a member of the Conception’s crew.

“I’m hoping for the best for everybody,” said James Kohls.

At least 8 Killed After Boat Fire Off California Coast

[NATL] At least 8 Killed After Boat Fire Off California Coast

At an afternoon news conference, Coast Guard Capt. Monica Rochester tempered expectations and said it was unlikely anyone else would be found alive.

Rochester said, “We will search all the way through the night into the morning, but I think we should all be prepared to move into the worst outcome.”

DNA identification would be used to identify the four bodies recovered, authorities said at the 4 p.m. Pacific Time news conference. Four bodies had been discovered on the ocean floor but had not yet been recovered, officials also said at the same news conference.

People looking for information about their family members can call 833-688-5551.  A Family Assistance Center was being set up at Earl Warren Fair Grounds, 3400 Calle Real in Santa Barbara.

Conception was described by authorities as a diving vessel. A schedule on the Truth Aquatics web site said the boat was set to embark Saturday on a three-day dive in the northern Channel Islands area.

The boat, launched in 1981, is used for large charter groups. It has a bunk capacity of 46 people and includes appliances for food preparation, including a built-in barbeque.

Santa Cruz Island is the largest in the Channel Islands chain off Southern California. The islands have caves, hiking trails and other natural features that attract visitors from around Southern California. The Truth Aquatics trip promises opportunities to see coral and life. 

The National Transportation Safety Bureau is sending a team of investigators.

Coast Guard records show inspections conducted last February and in August 2018 found no deficiencies. Earlier inspections found some safety violations related to fire safety.

A 2016 inspection resulted in owners replacing the heat detector in the galley and one in 2014 cited a leaky fire hose.

Records show all safety violations from the last five years were quickly addressed by the boat’s owners.


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How a Southern California Kid Overcame Tragedy, Dethroned Dynasties, and Finally Came Home

How a Southern California Kid Overcame Tragedy, Dethroned Dynasties, and Finally Came Home

Do you remember the instant your life changed forever?

Kawhi Leonard does. It was January 18, 2008 and Leonard was driving in a car with his mother when he got a call from his sister that would permanently alter the course of his life.

Leonard was born in Los Angeles on June 29, 1991. He is the youngest of five kids, and is the only boy in the bunch (he has four older sisters). Like many of us born and raised in the City of Angels, Leonard grew up a fan of Southern California sports. His favorite team was the Lakers, but his favorite player was Allen Iverson.

Leonard’s father, Mark Leonard, was a football player. So Kawhi grew up a two-sport athlete, excelling in both basketball and football. If he wasn’t playing one of those two sports, he was working at his father’s car wash in Compton. Each and every summer he would hand wash car after car, from sunrise until sunset, until his gigantic hands went numb. 

“It was hard work,” Leonard told ESPN in 2013. “But I loved it.” 

After his parents separated, he moved with his mother to Riverside where he attended Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley.

Mark would visit his only son, and they’d jump the fence in the backyard and run up and down a hill for over 30 minutes. Then they’d throw the football around or practice shooting on the nearby basketball court.

Leonard remembers these memories with his father fondly. They are a treasure chest he can open at any time to pluck life’s precious moments back into existence. He knew it would break his father’s heart when he told him during his sophomore year of high school that he was quitting football to focus on basketball.

“He got kinda mad,” Leonard told Fox Sports in 2011. “He wanted me to play both – and maximize my opportunity.”

Before Leonard could focus on basketball, he first had to find a team he could play on. During tryouts his freshman year at Canyon Springs, his mother, Kim, was called in to work and therefore was unable to drive Kawhi to tryouts. Despite pleading with the head coach to allow him to try out after the fact, the coach of Canyon Springs refused, and Leonard spent his freshman year playing football instead.

But Leonard’s first love was always basketball, and he’d soon demonstrate that he would stop at nothing to achieve his dreams of playing in the NBA and winning championships.

Thanks to the help of his AAU coach, Marvin Lea, Leonard was able to transfer to Martin Luther King High School his junior year where he was able to play basketball. The move paid off, as he was named California’s Mr. Basketball—the best high school player in California—during his senior year.

“I called my father, who was a Hall of Fame high school coach and college coach,” said MLK high school basketball coach Tim Sweeney Jr. to As It Happens host Carol Off last month.“I said, ‘You gotta get down to the gym right now. I think we’ve got ourselves not only an NBA player, he’s an NBA All-Star.’ He laughed at me.”

Leonard’s legendary drive, determination, and work ethic imparted upon him by his father were on full display, even at 16 years old. He would go for hours shooting basket after basket in the shadows of his high school gym. Steadfast on achieving greatness, Leonard did whatever it took to become the best basketball player he could be.

“He always stayed after practice,” said Sweeney Jr. “I’m wanting to go home. I’ve got four kids, and I have to count on my assistant coaches to stay for Kawhi.” 

That brings us to the phone call that changed Leonard’s life forever.

During Leonard’s junior year, his father, Mark Leonard, was trying to close down his car wash early in order to attend his son’s basketball game when one last car pulled up asking for one final wash.

He agreed, and the car opened fire, shooting and killing Mark in the same car wash he owned and shared so many memories with young Kawhi in. The police never found the killer, or a motive for the shooting. Mark Leonard was just 43 years old.

“I’m not sure what happened,” Leonard said about his father’s death to Fox Sports in 2011.“I really don’t know anything other than someone random came to the car wash and shot him. I think it’s better for me not knowing who it is.”

Leonard was told of his father’s death while driving with his mom and uncle. His sister was the one that called to break the bad news.

“She said that our dad died,” recalled Leonard. “I felt like the world stopped. I didn’t want to believe it. It didn’t feel real to me.”

The next day, Leonard’s MLK high school basketball team had to play against vaunted Dominguez Hills at Pauley Pavilion. Leonard scored 17 points in front of a packed house, but his team lost 68-60.

After the game, a bystander witnessed Leonard breaking down in his Mother’s arms in the hallway. The emotions of the last 24 hours had become too much for him.

“After the game, he just broke down,” his mother, Kim Robertson told Ramona Shelburne in 2014. “They were close. Very close.”

One of the bystanders watching the game was Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington. His son, Malcolm Washington, was on one of the team’s playing that day.

“My son had a game and there was a second game, and it was a school called King Riverside…and I remember because that night they said, ‘There’s a young man who’s playing tonight whose father had been killed,'” Washington told Bill Simmons on his podcast. “We had a moment of silence for him, and the kid’s name was Kawhi Leonard, and he had about 29 points and 27 rebounds and I figured, ‘Wow this kid is inspired by losing his dad.’ And what a game. And no one knew, ‘Oh no, he’ll be able to do that for the next 20 years.”

Other young men have allowed the murder of a loved one and the unanswered questions of who committed the crime to torment them, but after the breakdown in the hallway, Leonard never spoke about it again. Rather than allow his father’s murder to hold him back, he used it as fuel to honor his legacy with his own life. Leonard turned tragedy into triumph, and perhaps that explains a lot about Leonard’s infamously quiet and unpretentious demeanor that allows him to remain an enigma to the world.

“I really didn’t see Kawhi suffer from it,” Kim Robertson told Shelburne. “I wanted him to. I would say, ‘Kawhi, you okay? Are you okay?’ But I think he kept it all in. I was kind of scared. You know how young men…they lose their father, who is a big figure in their life. It might turn them to do things bad. But Kawhi’s always been strong. I think he thinks about it. But he never mentions it. Never.”

Kawhi Leonard’s life changed forever that faithful day. The quiet reserved kid who spent his summer washing cars, lost his father. The hole in his heart from the loss of his dad is likely still empty to this day, but from tragedy and loss, often something new is born in its place. On that day, as Leonard’s father was laid to rest, an unrelenting warrior with a fighting spirit was born. That’s the Leonard we see on the basketball court even to this day.

Leonard’s secrecy and aloofness were evident even in his younger days. The six-foot, seven-inch, 225-pound guard was recruited by both UCLA and USC. Recruiters and scouts would famously say that Leonard could not be reached by cellphone for a week.

Similar to his recent free agency decision, the scouts and recruiters at the collegiate level had no idea where Leonard would enroll. Finally, after weeks, Leonard opted for San Diego State University over all the Power Five conferences. SDSU head coach Steve Fisher played a big roll on why Leonard opted for the smaller school, saying that Fisher promised him the opportunity to start as a freshman.

“I knew I was their second option and that was a big issue for me,” Leonard said of his decision to go to San Diego State over other schools at the time. “San Diego State told me they would give me the opportunity to come in and start. They weren’t going to hand it to me and I’d have to work for it.”

Leonard’s intensity, focus, and determination in college is the stuff of legends. His prevailing status as a folk hero was cemented in those early days at Viejas Arena.

“He talked about going pro after his freshman year,” San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher told Bleacher Report in 2017 after Kawhi’s college days. “We did our due diligence, and he probably was not going to be a first-round draft pick. And I told him that. I said, ‘You should not go.'”

Leonard admitted during the 2019 NBA Finals with the Toronto Raptors that he and his Aztec teammates had a mantra during college: “Board man gets paid.” The theory was that the more rebounds Leonard and his teammates grabbed, the higher the probability they would get drafted into the NBA and turn pro.

San Diego State guards, Tyrone Shelley and LaBradford Franklin, Leonard’s teammates at the time, shared some stimulating stories about Kawhi’s trash talk in College.

“Most people say it like ‘Oh, I’m about to get buckets on you.’ He was just like, ‘Buckets. Layup.’ Just one word,” said Shelly.

“He would just say, ‘No, no, no.’ or ‘nope, nope.’ And when he would score on you, ‘Bucket. Bucket,'” said Franklin. “If he was grabbing a rebound, he’d say, “Give me that,” or “Board man gets paid.”

Regardless of what others thought of Leonard’s one-word trash talking, his off-the-cuff ways worked wonders on the hardwood. Leonard led the conference in rebounding, offensive rebounding, defensive rebounding, and was fourth in scoring and steals during his sophomore year with San Diego State.

“After his sophomore year, he was for sure a first-round draft pick,” said Fisher. “We told him that and he decided to go [to the NBA] with our blessing, and I went to the draft with him. I was there, and he had workouts where he moved up the food chain, where the whispers were he might be a top-10 pick, based on his workouts.”

Leonard led the Aztecs to the NCAA tournament as a freshman, but they lost in the first round to Tennessee, 62-59. In his sophomore season, Leonard once again led the Aztecs to the tournament, this time winning two games, as San Diego State advanced to the Sweet Sixteen where they lost to the eventual champion in UConn.

Leonard was selected No. 15 overall in the 2011NBA Draft by the Indiana Pacers, but a draft day trade by San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich sent the 19-year-old to Texas with George Hill going back to Indiana in the deal.

“Hill was one of my favorite players. He was important to us, but we needed to get bigger,” said Popovich of the trade at the time. “It was the toughest [decision] in whatever, 20, whatever years I’ve been coaching here as a head coach. It’s not even close. So in the end, we said we’re going to roll the bones and we’re going to do it, but I can’t tell that at that point we knew Kawhi was going to be what he is today. That would be an exaggeration.”

Eight years later, and Leonard has gradually ascended into one of the best players in the NBA. He won the NBA Finals and the NBA Finals MVP with the Spurs in 2014, dethroning the Miami Heat dynasty in the process.

Five years later, he would dethrone another dynasty as he almost singlehandedly destroyed the Golden State Warriors, arguably considered the best team in NBA history.

After the Raptors split the first two games of the series in Toronto, head coach Nick Nurse told his team in the locker room that they needed to go back to Oakland and steal one game.

“F— that!” Leonard reportedly responded. “We’re getting both.”

The Raptors did indeed win both games on the road and went on to win the first NBA Championship in Toronto’s history.

Leonard was again named NBA Finals MVP, becoming the only player in NBA history to win the NBA Finals MVP with two different teams in two different conferences.

Leonard reached another level in the postseason than he did in the regular season. After averaging 26.6 points and 7.3 rebounds during the 82-game regular season, Leonard morphed into a force of nature in the playoffs, averaging30.9 points, 9.2 rebounds, four assists and two steals during the postseason.

His run with the Raptors was one of the greatest postseason performances in NBA history, right up there with his idols: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Leonard finished with 14 different 30-point games in the 2019 NBA Playoffs, tied for the third most all-time behind only Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

Over a decade after the death of his father Leonard is now coming home. The two-time NBA Champion agreed to a three-year, $103 million contract with the Los Angeles Clippers last week, and even convinced another LA native, Paul George, to join him.

Each and every night, Leonard will be able to suit up inside the same arena his father used to take him to games to as a child. Like his father before him, Leonard has always let his actions speak louder than his words, and his father’s memory has always kept him on the correct path.

“I think he’d be proud of me,” Leonard said after winning the NBA Finals in 2014 on Father’s Day.

“I know he would,” said Kim Robertson.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. You can’t guarantee a long life for your loved ones. You can’t guarantee you’ll reach your dream of playing in the NBA, and you can’t guarantee you’ll turn that dream into championship glory. But one thing is for certain: Leonard’s father would be very proud of the man and the player he has become.


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Consumer Reports: Ranking the best HVAC systems


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Edmonton Air Conditioning

The Craziest Food Heists – NBC Southern California

The Craziest Food Heists - NBC Southern California


Published Dec 22, 2016 at 7:44 PM | Updated at 8:54 AM PDT on Jun 14, 2019


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Rain, Lightning Force Ride Closures at Disneyland, California Adventure Suffers Power Outage

Rain, Lightning Force Ride Closures at Disneyland, California Adventure Suffers Power Outage

Rain and lightning hitting Southern California on Wednesday forced temporary closures to several outdoor rides at Disneyland, park officials said.

Newschopper4 Bravo was over the world famous amusement park at about 4:45 p.m. and struggled to find any outdoor rides functioning.

Officials said that it is regular protocol for some outdoor rides to go down due to weather.

In addition, park officials said Disney’s California Adventure experienced a power outage that also affected rides at the park neighboring Disneyland. Power had been restored to California Adventure, according to Disneyland media relations personnel.

Kent Phillips/Disney Parks

There was no reported power outage at Disneyland.

All rides were open and functioning a short time later, according to Disneyland officials.


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An Unarmed Missile is Set for Launch From the California Coast, But Clouds Might Spoil the View

An Unarmed Missile is Set for Launch From the California Coast, But Clouds Might Spoil the View

A test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile is scheduled for early Thursday at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the Santa Barbara County coast.

Depending on weather conditions, the launch might be visible in the early morning sky from around Southern California. Unfortunately, cloudy skies are expected over a widespread part of the region with patchy fog at the launch site. 

The launch window is from 12:39 a.m. to 6:39 a.m.

The air base about 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles conducted a similar test launch last week. 


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Fire Burning in Chino – NBC Southern California

Fire Burning in Chino - NBC Southern California

Firefighters were battling a fire in Chino on Tuesday night.

The fire was burning near the intersection of Pine Avenue and West Preserve Loop.

Newschopper4 Bravo was over the fire at approximately 10:25 p.m.

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