‘Love Stations’ to Valentine’s-up a 99 Cents Only Store

'Love Stations' to Valentine's-up a 99 Cents Only Store

What to Know

  • 5270 Sunset Blvd.

  • Thursday, Feb. 14, noon to 8 p.m.

  • A cider toast, a photo booth, and other tender to-dos will pop up around the location

Comporting yourself in a thrifty manner? Following a budget and reaping the benefits of (little) money well spent? Skipping the lavish route for more sensible choices?

Many of us would wish to be admired for such commendable habits and qualities. And yet? When a holiday rolls along, and specifically Valentine’s Day, the push to spend a lot and spend big is real.

There are places, however, that are known for their budget-minded ways, that will mark the extravagant occasion in a way that is only extravagant in spirit.

One of the boldest and brightest? Why, yes, it is the 99 Cents Only Stores, which will spend eight amour-filled hours honoring the heartsy holiday at one of its local shops.

How in particular?

By setting up a number of “love stations” around the store, including a place to jot down a love letter and a spot to snap a pic, in a photo booth, with your #1 honeybun.

99 Valentine’s Day Date, the “most affordable Valentine’s Day Date,” will flower like a rose at the 99 Cents Only Store at 5270 Sunset Boulevard on Thursday, Feb. 14 from noon to 8 o’clock.

Which, means, yes, for sure, if you want to do an over-the-top breakfast, or a late night supper dripping in rare delicacies, you can.

Or, just maybe, you and your nearest ‘n dearest are charmed by the idea of a few minutes spent at a 99 Cent-style Valentine’s Day event.

Perhaps that’s how you’ll choose to honor the day o’ hearts. Or perhaps you’ll stop by out of curiosity.

The “exchanging” of “goodie bags” is also on the schedule, as is a sparkling cider toast, in case you need any more reason to go 99.

Again, this is only occurring at a specific location, on Sunset Boulevard, and not all 99 Cents Only Stores, and just on the afternoon and early evening of Valentine’s.

In the know? Good to go? Tell your budget-loving bud the news and scamper for Sunset, specifically 5270, on Valentine’s Day.


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