‘Go Rams’ Goes Big at the Pacific Wheel

'Go Rams' Goes Big at the Pacific Wheel

What to Know

  • Santa Monica Pier

  • Through Feb. 3

  • After sundown

Many fans, around Southern California and beyond, have their Rams flags out, and their Rams car decorations, and the big banners that stretch across a whole garage door.

For the football team is on its way to Atlanta, and Super Bowl LIII, to play the New England Patriots in the most major-mondo-est game of the year.

There is one place, however, that’s going large with its Rams support, and while huge house-covering banners and over-sized flags are incredibly impressive, so is a Rams logo that stands several stories high, courtesy of thousands and thousands of LED lights.

We’re talking about the Pacific Wheel, at Santa Monica Pier, of course.

And to send the team off to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the famous solar-powered Ferris wheel will feature a number of Rams-themed displays, including the team logo and the message on many fans’ minds: “Go Rams.”

These can be seen after sundown, of course, but if you can’t make it out to the pier, there is a live cam.

Of course, if you’re snapping a selfie in front of all of the Rams-focused decorations, you’ll definitely want to include this one, a display that will probably be the biggest in town.

Our hat tip to any fan who goes bigger than a Ferris wheel with their yellow-and-blue signage.

More? Find all the info at the Pacific Park site.


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