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Showstopping Slice of Space Rock Highlights Otherworldly Auction in Los Angeles

Showstopping Slice of Space Rock Highlights Otherworldly Auction in Los Angeles

Unusual objects with an out-of-this-world backstory are up for sale Saturday in Los Angeles.

Andrew Jones Auctions is having a sale of meteorites and moonrocks, some of which are expected to draw six-figure bids. It’s the first sale of its kind on the West Coast.

One of the showstoppers is the Fukang slice, a stunning piece of meteorite that was found in China in 2000. It has a brilliant pattern of olivine crystals that heighten its appeal, said Alex Galesic, natural history specialist at Andrew Jones Auctions.

“Some of them are up to 3 inches in diameter, which makes this specimen really beautiful, like a stained glass,” said Galesic.

The olivine crystals are surrounded a matrix of iron that has cooled down over millinos of years. It could go for up to $300,000, Galesic said.

The larger boulder from which the slice split was about 3 1/2-feet long and 2 1/2-feet wide. The slice is one of very few on the market.

But that’s at the high end of the auction. Most items will likely sell for $100 to $300.

Click here to see what’s for sale.


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Score 80-Cent Chili Dogs for Pink’s 80th Anniversary

Score 80-Cent Chili Dogs for Pink's 80th Anniversary

What to Know

  • Chili Dogs for Charity in honor of Pink’s Hot Dogs 80th Anniversary

  • Score up to eight chili dogs for 80 cents apiece for 80 minutes starting at 8 p.m. from Nov. 8-15

  • All proceeds will be donated to charity

Pink’s Hot Dogs has never been bun, er, one to run from a major celebration.

Rather, the world-famous frankerfurterie of La Brea Avenue goes big, as big as a foot-long dog, in honor of local sports teams, on behalf of beloved celebrities, and when the eatery’s own milestone anniversaries arrive.

And one now has, and it is as auspicious as a chili dog is delicious: Pink’s Hot Dogs is turning 80 years old with, wait for it, eight nights of noshable, super-nice discounts.

The “noshable” part? Those iconic chili dogs will be priced at 80 cents, starting at 8 p.m., for 80 minutes, from Nov. 8 through 15 (yep, that’s eight nights, if you’re counting along).

How many chili dogs can one customer buy at the window? You guessed it: That number would be eight.

As for the “super-nice” part? All proceeds from all of the 80-cent chili dogs will go to charity.

Various local luminaries will represent each round of 80-minute chili-doggery, and Pink’s will in turn donate that round’s proceeds to the charity the celebrity has selected.

Oh yes, and raise that bun high: All of the proceeds will go to the organization, as in 100%.

Oh yes, and the celebrities have been revealed: Entertainer Jojo Siwa, actor and comedian George Lopez, and the 2020 Rose Queen and her court are on the list.

Will the queues be positively Pink-tastic?

Of course, but like you’d expect anything different from a beloved hot dog stand that can trace its origins to 1939, when it all began “with just a pushcart and a $50 loan.”

Make some friends in line, or at least talk local history with the people in front of you and behind you, because if you’re all chili dog devotees, you likely have a few other things in common, too.

And isn’t Pink’s Hot Dogs one of our most delightful common denominators ’round this big ol’ city?

It’s a filling foodstuff so many of Southern Californians can describe in detail, from the frankfurters’ particular snap to the first hot dog you ever ate there to memories of sitting on the back patio, passing the time while sharing fries with a friend.

Happy 80th, Pink’s!


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The American Indian Arts Marketplace Returns to The Autry

The American Indian Arts Marketplace Returns to The Autry

The American Indian Arts Marketplace has become celebrated as the place to find exquisite wood carvings, beautiful necklaces, and fabulous photographs created by over 200 artists hailing from 40 tribal nations, but the spectacular shopping is just one element of an epic weekend. There are performances, too, and poetry to enjoy from a host of lauded Native American writers, thinkers, and dancers.

Add it all up and you have one memorable and moving extravaganza of art, culture, food, and community, one that will take place at The Autry Museum of the American West on Saturday, Nov. 9 and Sunday, Nov. 10.


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Treasures from the Doris Day Estate Go to Auction

Treasures from the Doris Day Estate Go to Auction

Successful hotelier, genre-changing movie star, beloved singer, Carmel-by-the-Sea treasure, and the ultimate friend to furry critters? Doris Day wore many winning hats in her lifetime, and her legacy of love and laughter continues to inspire millions of fans. The entertainment icon and animal activist passed away in May 2019, and while visiting her famous Carmel inn is still a must for mavens of her movies, and re-watching the films she helped make famous is a regular pastime, there’ll soon be another way for Doris devotees to connect with her memory.

Property from the Estate of Doris Day will go to auction in Beverly Hills on April 4 and 5, 2020, with all proceeds going to the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Her elegant but easygoing style is evident in the pieces, which include furniture, a car, and, of course, gorgeous gewgaws that reflect her lifelong love of dogs. Take a look now at just a few of the pieces that will surely win over the hearts of those who remember, and greatly miss, this great actor and advocate for animals.


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June Mountain Has Its Snow-pening Date

June Mountain Has Its Snow-pening Date

What to Know

  • June Lake

  • Saturday, Dec. 21

  • Kids 12-and-under ski for free, all winter long

How have you spent winter solstices in the past?

You might have run to the store for apples. You could have been at your desk, answering emails. Perhaps you cleaned out the garage or reorganized the closet.

For the winter solstice often finds us engaged in decidedly un-winter-like pursuits, especially if it falls on a weekday.

But you could fully embrace the icy, chill-down, sweater-up spirit of the day in 2019, if you make your way to the Eastern Sierra, and Mono County, and June Lake, which is, of course, The Switzerland of California.

For that’s where June Mountain is located, and slopes at the family-popular ski destination will heat up on Saturday, Dec. 21 with opening-day activities.

That’s the just-announced kick-off date for the season, and, no, we didn’t mean “heat up” as in actual heat. Rather, plenty of people, including lots of tots, will be out in their goggles and knit caps, ready to ski.

Why do we say “lots of tots”? Because this pretty place, in the Golden State’s own version of the Alps, is famous for a very fun fact: Kids 12-and-under ski for free.

And that’s all season long, not just on opening day, hooray.

Thank June Mountain’s “easygoing atmosphere and shorter lift lines” for its family-strong vibe, as well as access to undaunting terrain that’s just right for beginners.

And frequent cameos by Bucky, the antler-rocking June Mountain mascot, also makes for a kid-sweet day out in the snow.

There’s been some fresh sights to see popping up around June Lake, which is just a short drive from the mountain.

What’s new around the village? Look for The Lift, which serves coffee, wine, and tasty bites is checkout-able, while the T-Bar Social Club will have the live tunes and board games come the eveningtime.


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The Restaurants Featured on the ‘Best for a Date in America’ List

The Restaurants Featured on the 'Best for a Date in America' List

Choosing where to go for date night is not always easy. 

Whether it’s your first date or you’re celebrating your golden anniversary, you’ll want to take a look at this list of the 50 best restaurants in the country for a date. 

Online restaurant reservation platform OpenTable teamed up with dating app Hinge to compile the list. 

The list, announced Tuesday, was created after an analysis of over 12 million online reviews, collected between Sept. 1, 2018 and Aug. 31, 2019, for more than 30,000 restaurants, according to the OpenTable website. Restaurants with a sufficient review score and number of reviews were eligible to be on the list, but the 50 selected for the final lineup had the highest ratio of “GoodForDates” or “Good for a Date” tags to total reviews.

3 Dating Tips for Men From a Professional Dater3 Dating Tips for Men From a Professional Dater

“Given the added stress daters face when looking for the right restaurant, we wanted to create a go-to list that offers a restaurant for any date — whether it’s your first or one-thousandth,” said Anna Besse, Director of Marketing at OpenTable in a news release.

To see the list of all 50 venues and a map of their locations, click here.

3 Date Ideas for the Fall Season3 Date Ideas for the Fall Season






New Jersey

New York






Multiple Locations

  • Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant
  • Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille
  • Steak 44


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Weekend: Free P-22 Day Festival

Weekend: Free P-22 Day Festival

P-22 Day Festival: Ever been at a party where the guest of honor was running late? Or maybe didn’t show at all? First things first: P-22, the much mooned-over mountain lion that many of us flat-out adore, will not be at his big bash. But those who love urban-dwelling critters, like the sizable cats that roam our hills, will be there, all to learn how we can live alongside the animals of Los Angeles. A virtual reality cinema and 100+ exhibits will round out the free to-do, which is part of Urban Wildlife Week. Oct. 19 is the purr-fect date for this feline fun.

Home Haunts: So you’ve done several of the theme parks, and the major eeky attractions, too. Now you’re ready to see what Southern Californians are making for their own homes, from driveways with spooky lighting to patios laden with fanciful and fearsome pumpkins. Where should you turn to find these dastardly domestic creations? The SoCal Haunt List is the area’s main gotta-check-it roster for home haunts, from The Valley down to Long Beach and beyond. A few of the home haunts are revving up now, so check the dates, and where-to-gos, here.

Guinea Pig Rescue Open House: You have a lil’ pig, the furry kind, the sort of fur bundle that loves to gnaw at lettuce and delight you with her antics. Where can you go together to see other fur bundles and to help an assortment of animals? This sweet fundraiser, which is free to attend (though, yes, absolutely, you can donate if you’re so inclined). It’s happening in Chatsworth, there’ll be other beasties to coo over, and there are contests for attending guinea pigs, including Best Hair. The lettuce nibbling kicks into adorable gear on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Haunted Little Tokyo: The amazing neighborhood’s amazing Halloween Block Party is still to come, later this month, but plenty of pumpkin-ready, phantom-fun festivities will be swirling through the area over the coming weekend. There are ghost tours on Oct. 19, if you’d love to know some of the more spine-tingling tales of the DTLA destination, and there’s a pumpkin patch, too, from Oct. 18-20. Haven’t yet taken all of the pictures you wanted to among a bunch of pretty gourds? Now’s the time and Little Tokyo is a terrific place to do so.

“The Shining”: The Stanley Kubrick-helmed horrorwork has screened in many theaters, and surely more homes, but getting the chance to see it inside a grand hotel is as rare as a warm day at the Overlook Hotel. That’s going to happen, on Oct. 19, when My Valley Pass calls upon The Langham Huntington, Pasadena for an evening of long hallways, snowy mazes, and what’s possibly the most intense snowstorm in cinema history. This is all happening in one of The Langham’s lovely ballrooms, adding an Overlookian quality to the sure-to-be-spooky soiree.


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Look Inside World’s 1st Guitar-Shaped Hotel in Hollywood, Fla.

Look Inside World's 1st Guitar-Shaped Hotel in Hollywood, Fla.

The world’s first guitar-shaped hotel is set to open at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, and NBC 6 got a peek inside before the grand opening.

Anyone who’s driven in the vicinity of the massive 450-foot-tall hotel had surely seen it reaching into the sky with lights that can be seen from across South Florida.

It’s taken $1.5 billion, two and a half years, and 2,000 construction workers a day to complete the new expansion project, set for its grand opening Oct. 24.

An outside pool area at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.

Photo credit: Sheli Muniz/NBC 6

“I think the first thing that people think of is ‘I’m actually walking inside of a guitar,'” said vice president of hotel operations Andrew Schlesinger. “The shape, it’s something that no one has ever done.”

In the guitar hotel lobby, the Oculus Bar greets guests, along with an interesting front desk concept: separate, intimate desks for check in. To get there, guests walk through the Oculus, the ceiling-to-floor water centerpiece that’s still in its final stages of completion.

A pool inside the new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.

Photo credit: Sheli Muniz/NBC 6

“You’ll see like a bird flying in the water, you’ll see maybe an image of Mick Jagger singing,” Schlesinger said.

Also inside the hotel are a French-inspired bakery, the 42,000-square-foot Rock Spa and Salon, and pool complex.

“We hope that when [guests] arrive, they’ll never want to leave,” president Bo Guidry said. “It’s the perfect weekend. You drive up, you have a beautiful hotel, you can hang out at the pool, you can gamble all night, fabulous restaurants.”

One of the bar areas in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.

Photo credit: Sheli Muniz/NBC 6

Some of the new restaurants include a 24-hour contemporary diner, an Italian restaurant, and the hotel’s classic steakhouse, Council Oak, which now boasts an open kitchen and butcher shop.

Last but not least is the new Hard Rock Live venue, which kicks off with a performance by Maroon 5 on Oct. 25.

Outside the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.

Photo credit: Sheli Muniz/NBC 6


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Best Prep for the All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkin Patch

Best Prep for the All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkin Patch

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Oct. 30

  • 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  • $5 “for all the orange orbs you can manage at one time!”

How does one best prepare when the opportunity to hold several pumpkins, all at once, presents itself?

Do you see how many basketballs you can carry? Or maybe bowling balls, even? Or do you work with smaller, circular items around the house, say like tennis balls or even dog toys?

We’ll leave the advance work up to you and your best judgment.

However you choose to get yourself in the zone, though, you should get there soon, for the All You Can Carry Pumpkin Patch is happening on the day before Halloween.

The place? The Santa Monica Farmers Market. The time? Arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 in the early afternoon.

The mission? To stroll out with a big bundle o’ pumpkins in your arms, as many as you can hold, without dropping any on your way out the exit.

The price? It’s five bucks, and that’s a flat price, meaning you can walk out with one pumpkin, or fifteen, for a fiver. 

But walk out, you must, with all of the pumpkins you want. No going back, for second round, unless you pay up again.

Costumes are encouraged at the Wednesday, Oct. 30 event, which will take place at the intersection of Arizona Avenue and 2nd Street.

So, how will you practice for this pumpkin-amazing pop-up?

Will you meditate on the topic, or read up on other pumpkin-gathering pros? Will you commit to a regimen of calisthenics now, if you are eager to see how many gourds you can bobble in one go? 

Oops, did we say “bobble” there? Our mistake, surely.

We know you’ll ferry out your stack o’ squashes in a stable and easy manner. Surely no pumpkins will meet the pavement, and they’ll slide into your car trunk without incident, and you’ll happily find your way home with enough autumnal orbs to festively fill the front porch on Halloween night.


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Spooky Meets the Sand at Doheny State Beach

Spooky Meets the Sand at Doheny State Beach

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 19

  • 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

  • Free with a donated can of food (per person)

Have you lingered awhile at Doheny State Beach?

If so, you might have sprawled for an hour or two on a towel, all while soaking in the latest dishy novel.

You could have tossed a ball with a friend, or simply watched the waves, or even daydreamed while watching for dolphins.

But taking a Spooky Walk? That’s probably not what first springs to mind, not if you know this sublime and sunshine-drenched stretch of sandy splendor.

And yet a Spooky Walk does shimmer into being, each fall, at the Dana Point destination, as do a number of other participatory treats geared to visiting kids and their parents.

For the Doheny Halloween Haunt is now a beachside tradition, one that summons the sweet, not-too-scary sights of the holiday over a couple of activity-packed hours on a Saturday night.

The 2019 Saturday night is Oct. 19, and, if you show with a can of food to donate, admission is free. (That’s a can of food per person, please.)

Sit and have your face painted, if that’s where your mood is at, or take part in a craft. There shall be education booths, too, and a place to get a temporary tattoo.

And, yes, the Spooky Walk is back, if the notion of enjoying the eerie thrills of the season, not too far from the surf, tempts.

It’s all happening just after sundown, adding a splash of atmosphere to the event. Upping the atmos? People are invited to wear costumes.

Just head for Picnic Areas A & B, and then enjoy an unusual spot for something spooky.

Because a lot of our seasonal to-dos do pop up in pumpkin patches, theme parks, and older landmarks, but fewer find their way to beachy locations.

The 17th annual Doheny Halloween Haunt finds its fun near the foam from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 19.


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